Lachlan Miller
Brisbane, Australia


I am a full stack software developer, passionate about open source, test driven development, and mentoring. I am a Vue.js team member and maintain a number of widely used open source projects. I specialize in Vue.js, React.js and TypeScript.

I currently work at Cypress, building the next generation of software testing tools.

I am always open to new opportunities. I am only interested in solving challenging, unique problems that are actually worth solving, ideally with open source technologies.

Recent Work History

Cypress - Atlanta, GA
Dec 2020 - Present
Software Developer
  • I work as part of a fully remote team on Cypress, the next-generation software testing tool.
  • This involves writing lots of highly optmized TypeScript, tests, as well as interacting with the wider software community to understand their needs.
DoseMe - Brisbane, Australia
Nov 2018 - Nov 2020
Fullstack Developer
  • I worked on therapeutic dosing software, used to simulate outcomes of IV drugs in renally impaired patients.
  • As a medical device, my expertise and experience with writing testable, defensive code was a key criteria in DoseMe's success and market adoption.
  • Led development of the SMART on FHIR version of DoseMe, which led to millions of dollars in sales during my tenure at DoseMe.
Branu Inc - Tokyo, Japan
Feb 2018 - Sep 2018
Fullstack Developer
  • I was a senior developer on site builder + marketing analytics tool. It was built with Ruby on Rails and Vue.js.
  • Mentored several developers on TDD, improving the quality of the code and speed of development significantly.
HTM Corporation - Toyko, Japan
Sep 2016 - Dec 2017
Fullstack Developer
  • I worked on an estalished payroll system, and designed and built a project management system from scratch.
  • I used C# .NET Core and Vue.js.
Two Red Kites - Brisbane, Australia
Jan 2016 - Aug 2016
Fullstack Developer
  • I worked on a range of Ruby on Rails applications as part of a an Agile Software Development, with a strong emphasis on TDD and CI.
  • This is where I learned how to code properly and write tests.


I am extremely motivated when it comes to side projects and product development. Here are some of my products.


Shirabe is an app to help you remember Japanese words. Think Anki + a dictionary in one. It is built with SwiftUI. Try it out, it's free.

Vue.js Courses

Vue.js Courses is a website where I post educational content for serious developers. It has tens of hours of high quality content.

Design Patterns for Vue.js

I wrote an advanced book about Vue.js called Design Patterns for Vue.js. There is a distinct lack of advanced content for Vue.js developers - I am looking to change that.

Vue.js Testing handbook

I authored a book about Testing Vue.js applications. It is viewed over 1M times year. It is probably the most popular resource on testing Vue.js applications. You can find it here.