Lachlan Miller

Full Stack Software Engineer
Brisbane, Australia


I am a software developer with 9+ years of experience across frontend and backend development. I also have product and project management experience, primarily focused on early - mid stages startups

In addition to my professional work, I work on a number of open source projects, and have significant contributions in many projects, primarily in the JavaScript and Node.js ecosystem.

I am currently a student at the University of Queensland, where I study a Masters of Bioinformatics.

My goal is to combine my technical skills, leadership experience and bioinformatics skillset to make a positive change in the world.

Recent Work History

Jan 2024 - Present
Senior Software Engineer (Node.js, Python, Nuxt)
  • I work on tooling and technical strategy for a world leading translation agency.
  • My responsibilities are both technical and strategic in nature.
  • I build an entire customer portal from scratch, processing thousands of documents and payments per month.
  • I am work on our technical and AI strategy moving forward; how should we be adapting to AI, and can we do more? Any technical organization without an AI strategy in 2024 is going to fall behind.
Dec 2020 - Present
Technical Lead (JavaScript, Vue.js, React.js, Node.js)
  • I work as part of a fully remote team on Cypress, the next-generation software testing tool.
  • This involves writing lots of highly optimized code, benchmarking and performance tuning, as well as interacting with the wider software community to understand their needs.
  • In addition to feature work, I also coordinate the agile activities (Sprint Planning, Retrospective etc) for my team. I am confident producing a project roadmap, providing estimates, and working with other parts of the organization to see a project through from inception to release.
Nov 2018 - Nov 2020
Fullstack Developer (JavaScript, React.js, Perl)
  • I worked on therapeutic dosing software, used to simulate outcomes of IV drugs, primarily Vancomycin.
  • As a medical device, my expertise and experience with writing testable, defensive code was a key criteria in DoseMeRx's success and market adoption.
  • Led development of the SMART on FHIR integration, which led to widespread adoption of DoseMe's drug models.
  • Introduced in implemented End to End testing across DoseMe web platform.
Branu Inc
Feb 2018 - Sep 2018
Fullstack Developer (JavaScript, Vue.js, Ruby on Rails)
  • I was a senior developer on site builder + marketing analytics tool. It was built with Ruby on Rails and Vue.js.
  • Mentored several developers on TDD, improving the quality of the code and speed of development significantly.
HTM Corporation
Sep 2016 - Dec 2017
Fullstack Developer (JavaScript, C#)
  • I worked on an estalished payroll system, and designed and built a project management system from scratch.
  • I used C# .NET Core and Vue.js.
Two Red Kites
Jan 2016 - Aug 2016
Fullstack Developer (JavaScript, Ruby on Rails)
  • I worked on a range of Ruby on Rails applications as part of a an Agile Software Development, with a strong emphasis on TDD and CI.
  • This is where I learned how to code properly and write tests.


I've written two books about Vue.js. They also discuss common design patterns, writing testable code, and share other insights I've learned over my years of working on complex web applications.

Design Patterns for Vue.js

I wrote an advanced book about Vue.js called Design Patterns for Vue.js. There is a distinct lack of advanced content for Vue.js developers - I am looking to change that.

Vue.js Testing handbook

I authored a book about Testing Vue.js applications. It is viewed over 1M times year. It is probably the most popular resource on testing Vue.js applications. You can find it here.